Dorset Wildlife

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There is a rich diversity of wildlife along the Dorset Coast – and much of it can be experienced on one of our cruises. Brownsea Island itself is a haven for the Red Squirrel, important bird colonies and deer. And dolphins are frequent visitors to the Poole Harbour area.

For those interested in local wildlife, a trip to Brownsea Island is a must. Owned and protected by the National Trust, the island has a thriving wildlife population. There are over 200 of the British native Red Squirrels, making Brownsea a vital sanctuary for a species that has been in serious decline.  Birds are an important part of the natural environment and there are large flocks of waders, particularly avocets, black-tailed godwits & visiting wildfowl over winter. In the summer visitors include breeding common and sandwich terns, gulls & little egrets.

The reedbeds & alder carr are home to water voles & sika deer, with kingfishers & water rails providing avian interest.

Out on the water, Harbour porpoises are seen along Dorset’s coast throughout the year. Bottlenose dolphin sightings peak between September and April and short-beaked dolphins are more likely to be seen between August and December.